Buxton Associates

Buxton Associates were appointed by Mansell Construction Services to carry out the civil and structural engineering design works for Phase 1 of the visitor facilities development.

A raft foundation solution was carefully chosen to limit the depth of excavations above the ground water present at shallow depth in the sandy sub-soils. We worked closely with the specialist timber frame sub-contractor to coordinate interfaces between the substructure and timber frame.

Surface water run-off from the development discharges to an existing watercourse via a new head wall.

Following successful completion of the visitors centre in 2015, we are collaborating with Re-Format Architects on the second phase of the development. Phase 2 comprises the design of a new cafe building and extension of an existing building into which a cycle hire centre will be relocated.

alice_holt_visitors_centre_027.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_023.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_008.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_005.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_001.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_033.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_031.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_029.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_015.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_017.jpg alice_holt_visitors_centre_016.jpg