Buxton Associates

Buxton Associates were employed as a structural engineer on the refurbishment of Cadogan Gardens, a residential property in heart of Chelsea. This late Victorian town house was originally split into 3 maisonettes. The lower and upper ones have now been refurbished to form 3 bedroom luxury apartments.

The building structure is conventional load bearing masonry with timber floors and internal walls. The design was obviously challenging in that we had to work around the existing apartment on the first and second floor. This meant careful consideration of temporary works and sequencing.

New extensions have been added at lower ground and 4th floor level to provide extra accommodation.

Elsewhere internal walls were rearranged to improve the room aspect ratios. A discrete steel framework was added at the 4th floor level to allow it to be completely reconstructed at a lower level, hence improving the floor-ceiling in the top floor apartment.

cadogan_gardens_004.jpg cadogan_gardens_011.jpg cadogan_gardens_012.jpg cadogan_gardens_010.jpg cadogan_gardens_009.jpg cadogan_gardens_008.jpg cadogan_gardens_007.jpg cadogan_gardens_006.jpg cadogan_gardens_005.jpg cadogan_gardens_003.jpg cadogan_gardens_002.jpg