Buxton Associates

A new school extension for this special needs unit in Bromley. Buxton Associates have developed a simple structural scheme which uses a steel frame with composite concrete floor decking. This allows the steel to be erected quickly during one of the school vacations.

We picked this up as a Design and Build project working alongside the contractor. The structural design had not been considered at tender stage and so we had to move from RIBA Stage 1 to 4 within a matter of weeks.

The steel frame is braced in one direction and portalised in the other, to avoid compromising the agreed room layouts. We have designed mass concrete pad foundations where possible; some reinforcement is inevitable to tie back the balanced footings.

The building is set within a courtyard in the middle of the school site. This impacted on the construction logistics as access to the far end of the building is limited.

We also designed the external works and underground drainage. This required the installation of an attenuation tank under the MUGA in order to comply with London Borough of Bromleys requirements.

glebe_school_004.jpg glebe_school_001.jpg glebe_school_007.jpg glebe_school_006.jpg glebe_school_005.jpg glebe_school_003.jpg glebe_school_002.jpg