Buxton Associates

Buxton Associates recently asked to provide our civil and structural engineering expertise to Rydon Construction, who recently handed over the £10m extra care residential development in Bexhill for Amicus Horizons. The development provides 58 apartments and a range of facilities for residents including onsite hair salon and treatment rooms, as well as a restaurant which is open to the general public.

This challenging site required one of the buildings to be cut into the slope with storey-height retaining walls beneath, and a new foul water pump chamber to serve the development; now adopted by Southern Water. We provided full civil and structural engineering services for the development and worked closely with architects Gibberd to bring value to the scheme; including redesign of the balconies to omit costly cantilevered steel beams and thermal break connectors.

Now complete, the state-of-the-art facility makes full use of the natural light, providing bright accommodation and well-lit communal spaces. An impressive two-storey glazed link provides level access to all shared communal facilities, and landscaped gardens will offer the opportunity to enjoy a range of outdoor activities as well as the surrounding mature trees and shrubs that were retained and protected throughout the works.

sidley_house_apartments_020.jpg sidley_house_apartments_019.jpg sidley_house_apartments_018.jpg sidley_house_apartments_017.jpg sidley_house_apartments_016.jpg sidley_house_apartments_015.jpg sidley_house_apartments_014.jpg sidley_house_apartments_013.jpg sidley_house_apartments_012.jpg sidley_house_apartments_011.jpg sidley_house_apartments_010.jpg sidley_house_apartments_009.jpg sidley_house_apartments_008.jpg sidley_house_apartments_007.jpg sidley_house_apartments_006.jpg sidley_house_apartments_005.jpg sidley_house_apartments_004.jpg sidley_house_apartments_003.jpg sidley_house_apartments_002.jpg sidley_house_apartments_001.jpg