Buxton Associates

Buxton Associates were employed as a structural engineer on the construction of a new town house in South West London. The house is 2 storeys with a basement under part of the footprint. Internally there are several long spans, cantilevers and voids. So we thought that the most appropriate structure would be in situ concrete; based heavily on our experience with volume house builders we have incorporated blade columns within major walls and specified a 250mm flat slab. This all sits very well within the modernist architecture.

London Clay is found at shallow depth and on top of this is some perched water. We specified a contiguous piled wall with tanked lining in order to keep the basement dry. The piles will automatically form a seal and allow the excavation to proceed without inundation

clare_lawn_006.jpg clare_lawn_005.jpg clare_lawn_004.jpg clare_lawn_003.jpg clare_lawn_002.jpg clare_lawn_001.jpg