Buxton Associates

A new community space over two floors incorporating sports courts, a climbing wall, studios and ancillary spaces. The building is set into the ground to minimise its impact on the adjacent urban setting.

Cross laminated timber was specified for the wall and floor panels to minimise carbon content, to reduce weight and foundation impact and to allow the visual expression of raw timber. Translucent external cladding is used to give the building a visual lightness.

Within this we’ve integrated some construction efficiencies such as beam and block ground floor structure and suggesting raising the building up, to reduce the bulk excavation and retaining walls construction and length.

Buxton Assoicates were appointed by Mansell under a design and build contract. The building was short listed for the 2013 New London Awards, it received a Civic Trust award and was shortlisted for the Building Awards and the RICS Awards.

Photography by Ioana Marinescu

tng_lewisham_01.jpg tng_lewisham_02.jpg tng_lewisham_03.jpg tng_lewisham_04.jpg tng_lewisham_05.jpg tng_lewisham_06.jpg tng_lewisham_07.jpg tng_lewisham_08.jpg tng_lewisham_09.jpg tng_lewisham_10.jpg