Buxton Associates

A new residential development on the edge of Wandsworth common comprising 3 separate buildings which all come together to enclose a new courtyard. The 9 houses are made up from a new build 4 storey terrace of 3 houses and the conversion of 2 other large blocks to provide 6 new residential units.

The existing site had a mixture of buildings on it dating from the mid 19 century. One was removed completely to allow for the new houses; this allowed us to add a new basement to enhance the floor area of each unit.

Careful underpinning of the party wall was required coupled with 3 sides of contiguous piling. This created the blank basement box to which we could then add waterproofing and finishes as necessary.

The other Victorian buildings have had interesting lives; one was used as a shooting range, the other as a snooker hall. These are significantly altered in order to provide the appropriate mix of spaces for the new development. Internal walls and floors are completely removed and reformed using a mixture of masonry, steel and timber.

wiseton_road_006.jpg wiseton_road_001.jpg wiseton_road_003.jpg wiseton_road_009.jpg wiseton_road_003.jpg wiseton_road_011.jpg wiseton_road_013.jpg wiseton_road_015.jpg wiseton_road_021.jpg wiseton_road_010.jpg wiseton_road_028.jpg wiseton_road_036.jpg wiseton_road_040.jpg wiseton_road_006.jpg wiseton_road_014.jpg wiseton_road_008.jpg wiseton_road_007.jpg